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louis vuitton bathroom set
louis vuitton bathroom set

Louis vuitton bathroom set with shower curtains reviews "Worth it'

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Our Louis Vuitton bathroom set Products :
louis Vuitton bath set it's came with a louis Vuitton blanket and  louis Vuitton comforter set, you can bundle them from under description with 10%OFF discount . and you can read our customers reviews down.

Definitions :
  1. It can be used anywhere in the bathroom or a place that suits you
  2. Polyester materials
  3. anti-bacterial shower curtain
  4. clean environment every time you shower.
  5. thicker than ordinary curtain liners and keep it durable
  6. Modern and quality there are no pure chemicals
  7. Shower curtain
  8. %100 Polyester
  9. Keep spraying water and mold

Package Include"

1: Packege 4 Pieces Sets : Full Set  "louis Vuitton shower curtain with louis Vuitton  rugs"
2 : Packege 1 Pisces  Only shower curtains louis vuitton
3 : Packege 3 Pisces : louis vuitton shower curtain rugs

Size : we only provide now this Size  

Size By centimeter :

  • 180*180cm

Size By inche:

  • 71*71 inches


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